Who’s responsible for OpenMD?

OpenMD was created mostly by graduate students in the Gezelter group at the University of Notre Dame

The early authors were once captured on film in their native habitat: The group responsible for OpenMD 2.0 was significantly easier to capture on film. Note the vast improvement in their living situation.

Teng Lin, Matt Meineke, Dan Gezelter, Chris Fennell, Charles Vardeman

Madan Lamichhane, James Marr, Joseph Michalka, Kelsey Stocker, Shenyu Kuang
The OpenMD 2.4 authors knew how to dress for a cocktail party: The OpenMD authors are cleaning up the code for the 2.6 release.

Kelsey Stocker, Joseph Michalka, Dan Gezelter, James Marr, Patrick Louden, Madan Lamichhane

Dan Gezelter, Hemanta Bhattarai, Suzie Neidhart, Alex Mazanek, Anderson Duraes, Cody Drisko

Funding Sources for OpenMD

Development of OpenMD was funded by a New Faculty Award from the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation and by the National Science Foundation under grants CHE-0848243, CHE-0134881, and CHE-1663773. Computation time was provided by the Notre Dame Bunch-of-Boxes (B.o.B) computer cluster under NSF grant DMR-0079647 and by the Notre Dame Center for Research Computing.