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antlr::NoViableAltException Class Reference

#include <NoViableAltException.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for antlr::NoViableAltException:
antlr::RecognitionException antlr::ANTLRException

Public Member Functions

 NoViableAltException (RefAST t)
 NoViableAltException (RefToken t, const std ::string &fileName_)
 ~NoViableAltException () throw ()
std ::string getMessage () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from antlr::RecognitionException
 RecognitionException ()
 RecognitionException (const std ::string &s)
 RecognitionException (const std ::string &s, const std ::string &fileName, int line, int column)
virtual ~RecognitionException () throw ()
virtual std ::string getFilename () const throw ()
 Return file where mishap occurred. More...
virtual int getLine () const throw ()
virtual int getColumn () const throw ()
virtual std ::string toString () const
 Return complete error message with line/column number info (if present) More...
virtual std ::string getFileLineColumnString () const
 See what file/line/column info is present and return it as a string. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from antlr::ANTLRException
 ANTLRException ()
 Create ANTLR base exception without error message. More...
 ANTLRException (const std ::string &s)
 Create ANTLR base exception with error message. More...
virtual ~ANTLRException () throw ()

Public Attributes

const RefToken token
const RefAST node

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from antlr::RecognitionException
std ::string fileName
int line
int column

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file NoViableAltException.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NoViableAltException() [1/2]

antlr::NoViableAltException::NoViableAltException ( RefAST  t)

Definition at line 17 of file NoViableAltException.cpp.

◆ NoViableAltException() [2/2]

antlr::NoViableAltException::NoViableAltException ( RefToken  t,
const std ::string &  fileName_ 

Definition at line 23 of file NoViableAltException.cpp.

◆ ~NoViableAltException()

antlr::NoViableAltException::~NoViableAltException ( )
throw (

Definition at line 28 of file NoViableAltException.hpp.


Member Function Documentation

◆ getMessage()

std::string antlr::NoViableAltException::getMessage ( ) const

Returns a clean error message (no line number/column information)

Reimplemented from antlr::ANTLRException.

Definition at line 31 of file NoViableAltException.cpp.

References antlr::Token::EOF_TYPE, antlr::Token::getText(), antlr::Token::getType(), node, antlr::Token::NULL_TREE_LOOKAHEAD, token, and antlr::AST::toString().

Referenced by OpenMD::SimCreator::parseFile().

Member Data Documentation

◆ node

const RefAST antlr::NoViableAltException::node

Definition at line 23 of file NoViableAltException.hpp.

Referenced by getMessage().

◆ token

const RefToken antlr::NoViableAltException::token

Definition at line 22 of file NoViableAltException.hpp.

Referenced by getMessage().

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