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OpenMD::ForceDecomposition Class Referenceabstract

#include <ForceDecomposition.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ForceDecomposition (SimInfo *info, InteractionManager *iMan)
virtual ~ForceDecomposition ()
virtual void distributeInitialData ()=0
virtual void distributeData ()=0
virtual void zeroWorkArrays ()=0
virtual void collectIntermediateData ()=0
virtual void distributeIntermediateData ()=0
virtual void collectData ()=0
virtual void collectSelfData ()=0
virtual potVecgetSelfPotential ()
virtual potVecgetPairwisePotential ()
virtual potVecgetExcludedPotential ()
virtual potVecgetSelectedPotential ()
virtual potVecgetExcludedSelfPotential ()
virtual potVecgetSelectedSelfPotential ()
virtual bool checkNeighborList ()
virtual void buildNeighborList (vector< int > &neighborList, vector< int > &point)=0
void setCutoffRadius (RealType rCut)
virtual Vector3dgetGroupVelocityColumn (int atom2)=0
virtual vector< int > & getAtomsInGroupRow (int cg1)=0
virtual vector< int > & getAtomsInGroupColumn (int cg2)=0
virtual Vector3d getAtomToGroupVectorRow (int atom1, int cg1)=0
virtual Vector3d getAtomToGroupVectorColumn (int atom2, int cg2)=0
virtual RealType & getMassFactorRow (int atom1)=0
virtual RealType & getMassFactorColumn (int atom2)=0
virtual Vector3d getIntergroupVector (int cg1, int cg2)=0
virtual Vector3d getInteratomicVector (int atom1, int atom2)=0
virtual int & getNAtomsInRow ()=0
virtual vector< int > & getExcludesForAtom (int atom1)=0
virtual bool skipAtomPair (int atom1, int atom2, int cg1, int cg2)=0
virtual bool excludeAtomPair (int atom1, int atom2)=0
virtual int getGlobalIDRow (int atom1)=0
virtual int getGlobalIDCol (int atom2)=0
virtual int getGlobalID (int atom1)=0
virtual int getTopologicalDistance (int atom1, int atom2)=0
virtual void addForceToAtomRow (int atom1, Vector3d fg)=0
virtual void addForceToAtomColumn (int atom2, Vector3d fg)=0
virtual Vector3dgetAtomVelocityColumn (int atom2)=0
virtual void fillInteractionData (InteractionData &idat, int atom1, int atom2, bool newAtom1=true)=0
virtual void unpackInteractionData (InteractionData &idat, int atom1, int atom2)=0
virtual void fillSelfData (SelfData &sdat, int atom1)
virtual void addToHeatFlux (Vector3d hf)
virtual void setHeatFlux (Vector3d hf)

Protected Attributes

int storageLayout_
bool needVelocities_
bool usePeriodicBoundaryConditions_
RealType skinThickness_
RealType rCut_
RealType rList_
RealType rListSq_
vector< int > idents
vector< int > regions
potVec pairwisePot
potVec selfPot
potVec excludedPot
potVec excludedSelfPot
potVec selectedPot
potVec selectedSelfPot
vector< vector< int > > toposForAtom
vector< vector< int > > topoDist
vector< vector< int > > excludesForAtom
vector< vector< int > > groupList_
vector< RealType > massFactors
vector< AtomType * > atypesLocal
vector< Vector3icellOffsets_
Vector3i nCells_
vector< vector< int > > cellList_
vector< Vector3dsaved_CG_positions_

Detailed Description

ForceDecomposition is an interface for passing out and collecting information from many processors at various stages of the main non-bonded ForceLoop.

The pairwise force calculation has an outer-running loop (the "I" loop) and an inner-running loop (the "J" loop). In parallel decompositions, these loop over different groups of atoms on different processors. Between each set of computations on the local processor, data must be exchanged among the processors. This can happen at different times in the calculation:

distributeInitialData (parallel communication - one time only) distributeData (parallel communication - every ForceLoop)

loop iLoop over nLoops (nLoops may be 1, 2, or until self consistent) | loop over i | | loop over j | | | localComputation | | end | end | if (nLoops > 1): | | collectIntermediateData (parallel communication) | | distributeIntermediateData (parallel communication) | endif end collectData (parallel communication) loop over i | localComputation end collectSelfData (parallel communication)

ForceDecomposition provides the interface for ForceLoop to do the communication steps and to iterate using the correct set of atoms and cutoff groups.

Definition at line 93 of file ForceDecomposition.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ForceDecomposition()

◆ ~ForceDecomposition()

virtual OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::~ForceDecomposition ( )

Definition at line 97 of file ForceDecomposition.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addForceToAtomColumn()

virtual void OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::addForceToAtomColumn ( int  atom2,
Vector3d  fg 
pure virtual

◆ addForceToAtomRow()

virtual void OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::addForceToAtomRow ( int  atom1,
Vector3d  fg 
pure virtual

◆ addToHeatFlux()

void OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::addToHeatFlux ( Vector3d  hf)

◆ buildNeighborList()

virtual void OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::buildNeighborList ( vector< int > &  neighborList,
vector< int > &  point 
pure virtual

◆ checkNeighborList()

◆ collectData()

virtual void OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::collectData ( )
pure virtual

◆ collectIntermediateData()

virtual void OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::collectIntermediateData ( )
pure virtual

◆ collectSelfData()

virtual void OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::collectSelfData ( )
pure virtual

◆ distributeData()

virtual void OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::distributeData ( )
pure virtual

◆ distributeInitialData()

virtual void OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::distributeInitialData ( )
pure virtual

◆ distributeIntermediateData()

virtual void OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::distributeIntermediateData ( )
pure virtual

◆ excludeAtomPair()

virtual bool OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::excludeAtomPair ( int  atom1,
int  atom2 
pure virtual

◆ fillInteractionData()

virtual void OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::fillInteractionData ( InteractionData idat,
int  atom1,
int  atom2,
bool  newAtom1 = true 
pure virtual

◆ fillSelfData()

◆ getAtomsInGroupColumn()

virtual vector<int>& OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getAtomsInGroupColumn ( int  cg2)
pure virtual

◆ getAtomsInGroupRow()

virtual vector<int>& OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getAtomsInGroupRow ( int  cg1)
pure virtual

◆ getAtomToGroupVectorColumn()

virtual Vector3d OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getAtomToGroupVectorColumn ( int  atom2,
int  cg2 
pure virtual

◆ getAtomToGroupVectorRow()

virtual Vector3d OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getAtomToGroupVectorRow ( int  atom1,
int  cg1 
pure virtual

◆ getAtomVelocityColumn()

virtual Vector3d& OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getAtomVelocityColumn ( int  atom2)
pure virtual

◆ getExcludedPotential()

virtual potVec* OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getExcludedPotential ( )

Definition at line 108 of file ForceDecomposition.hpp.

Referenced by OpenMD::ForceManager::longRangeInteractions().

◆ getExcludedSelfPotential()

virtual potVec* OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getExcludedSelfPotential ( )

Definition at line 110 of file ForceDecomposition.hpp.

Referenced by OpenMD::ForceManager::longRangeInteractions().

◆ getExcludesForAtom()

virtual vector<int>& OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getExcludesForAtom ( int  atom1)
pure virtual

◆ getGlobalID()

virtual int OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getGlobalID ( int  atom1)
pure virtual

◆ getGlobalIDCol()

virtual int OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getGlobalIDCol ( int  atom2)
pure virtual

◆ getGlobalIDRow()

virtual int OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getGlobalIDRow ( int  atom1)
pure virtual

◆ getGroupVelocityColumn()

virtual Vector3d& OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getGroupVelocityColumn ( int  atom2)
pure virtual

◆ getInteratomicVector()

virtual Vector3d OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getInteratomicVector ( int  atom1,
int  atom2 
pure virtual

◆ getIntergroupVector()

virtual Vector3d OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getIntergroupVector ( int  cg1,
int  cg2 
pure virtual

◆ getMassFactorColumn()

virtual RealType& OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getMassFactorColumn ( int  atom2)
pure virtual

◆ getMassFactorRow()

virtual RealType& OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getMassFactorRow ( int  atom1)
pure virtual

◆ getNAtomsInRow()

virtual int& OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getNAtomsInRow ( )
pure virtual

◆ getPairwisePotential()

virtual potVec* OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getPairwisePotential ( )

Definition at line 107 of file ForceDecomposition.hpp.

Referenced by OpenMD::ForceManager::longRangeInteractions().

◆ getSelectedPotential()

virtual potVec* OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getSelectedPotential ( )

Definition at line 109 of file ForceDecomposition.hpp.

Referenced by OpenMD::ForceManager::longRangeInteractions().

◆ getSelectedSelfPotential()

virtual potVec* OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getSelectedSelfPotential ( )

Definition at line 111 of file ForceDecomposition.hpp.

Referenced by OpenMD::ForceManager::longRangeInteractions().

◆ getSelfPotential()

virtual potVec* OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getSelfPotential ( )

Definition at line 106 of file ForceDecomposition.hpp.

Referenced by OpenMD::ForceManager::longRangeInteractions().

◆ getTopologicalDistance()

virtual int OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::getTopologicalDistance ( int  atom1,
int  atom2 
pure virtual

◆ setCutoffRadius()

void OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::setCutoffRadius ( RealType  rCut)

Definition at line 100 of file ForceDecomposition.cpp.

References rCut_, rList_, rListSq_, and skinThickness_.

Referenced by OpenMD::ForceManager::setupCutoffs().

◆ setHeatFlux()

void OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::setHeatFlux ( Vector3d  hf)

◆ skipAtomPair()

virtual bool OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::skipAtomPair ( int  atom1,
int  atom2,
int  cg1,
int  cg2 
pure virtual

◆ unpackInteractionData()

virtual void OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::unpackInteractionData ( InteractionData idat,
int  atom1,
int  atom2 
pure virtual

◆ zeroWorkArrays()

virtual void OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::zeroWorkArrays ( )
pure virtual

Member Data Documentation

◆ atypesLocal

vector<AtomType*> OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::atypesLocal

◆ cellList_

vector<vector<int> > OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::cellList_

◆ cellOffsets_

vector<Vector3i> OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::cellOffsets_

◆ excludedPot

◆ excludedSelfPot

potVec OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::excludedSelfPot

◆ excludesForAtom

vector<vector<int> > OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::excludesForAtom

◆ ff_

ForceField* OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::ff_

◆ groupList_

◆ idents

vector<int> OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::idents

◆ info_

◆ interactionMan_

InteractionManager* OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::interactionMan_

Definition at line 163 of file ForceDecomposition.hpp.

◆ massFactors

◆ nCells_

Vector3i OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::nCells_

◆ needVelocities_

bool OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::needVelocities_

◆ pairwisePot

◆ rCut_

RealType OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::rCut_

Definition at line 169 of file ForceDecomposition.hpp.

Referenced by setCutoffRadius().

◆ regions

vector<int> OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::regions

◆ rList_

RealType OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::rList_

◆ rListSq_

RealType OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::rListSq_

◆ saved_CG_positions_

vector<Vector3d> OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::saved_CG_positions_

◆ selectedPot

◆ selectedSelfPot

potVec OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::selectedSelfPot

◆ selfPot

potVec OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::selfPot

◆ skinThickness_

RealType OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::skinThickness_

Verlet neighbor list skin thickness

Definition at line 168 of file ForceDecomposition.hpp.

Referenced by checkNeighborList(), ForceDecomposition(), and setCutoffRadius().

◆ sman_

◆ snap_

◆ storageLayout_

◆ topoDist

vector<vector<int> > OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::topoDist

◆ toposForAtom

vector<vector<int> > OpenMD::ForceDecomposition::toposForAtom

The topological distance between two atomic sites is handled via two vector structures for speed. These structures agnostic regarding the parallel decomposition. The index for toposForAtom could be local or row, while the values could be local or column. It will be up to the specific decomposition method to fill these.

Definition at line 191 of file ForceDecomposition.hpp.

Referenced by OpenMD::ForceMatrixDecomposition::distributeInitialData(), and OpenMD::ForceMatrixDecomposition::getTopologicalDistance().

◆ usePeriodicBoundaryConditions_

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