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Molecular Dynamics in the Open
OpenMD::RNEMDRTheta Class Reference

#include <RNEMDStats.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for OpenMD::RNEMDRTheta:
OpenMD::ShellStatistics OpenMD::SpatialStatistics OpenMD::StaticAnalyser

Public Member Functions

 RNEMDRTheta (SimInfo *info, const std::string &filename, const std::string &sele, int nrbins, int nanglebins)
void processFrame (int frame)
void processStuntDouble (StuntDouble *sd, int bin)
std::pair< int, int > getBins (Vector3d pos)
void writeOutput ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenMD::ShellStatistics
 ShellStatistics (SimInfo *info, const string &filename, const string &sele, int nbins)
virtual ~ShellStatistics ()
virtual int getBin (Vector3d pos)
void setCoordinateOrigin (Vector3d co)
void setBinWidth (RealType bw)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenMD::SpatialStatistics
 SpatialStatistics (SimInfo *info, const string &filename, const string &sele, int nbins)
 ~SpatialStatistics ()
void addOutputData (OutputData *dat)
virtual void process ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenMD::StaticAnalyser
 StaticAnalyser (SimInfo *info, const std::string &filename, unsigned int nbins)
virtual ~StaticAnalyser ()
void setOutputName (const std::string &filename)
const std::string & getOutputFileName () const
void setStep (int step)
int getStep ()
const std::string & getAnalysisType () const
void setAnalysisType (const std::string &type)
void setParameterString (const std::string &params)

Protected Attributes

int nAngleBins_
Vector3d fluxVector_
- Protected Attributes inherited from OpenMD::ShellStatistics
Vector3d coordinateOrigin_
RealType binWidth_
- Protected Attributes inherited from OpenMD::SpatialStatistics
int nProcessed_
string selectionScript_
SelectionEvaluator evaluator_
SelectionManager seleMan_
- Protected Attributes inherited from OpenMD::StaticAnalyser
std::string dumpFilename_
std::string outputFilename_
int step_
std::string analysisType_
std::string paramString_
unsigned int nBins_
vector< OutputData * > data_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from OpenMD::StaticAnalyser
virtual void writeData (ostream &os, OutputData *dat, unsigned int bin)
virtual void writeErrorBars (ostream &os, OutputData *dat, unsigned int bin)
OutputDatabeginOutputData (vector< OutputData *>::iterator &i)
OutputDatanextOutputData (vector< OutputData *>::iterator &i)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 79 of file RNEMDStats.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RNEMDRTheta()

Member Function Documentation

◆ getBins()

std::pair< int, int > OpenMD::RNEMDRTheta::getBins ( Vector3d  pos)

◆ processFrame()

◆ processStuntDouble()

void OpenMD::RNEMDRTheta::processStuntDouble ( StuntDouble sd,
int  bin 

Implements OpenMD::SpatialStatistics.

Definition at line 357 of file RNEMDStats.cpp.

◆ writeOutput()

Member Data Documentation

◆ angularVelocity

OutputData* OpenMD::RNEMDRTheta::angularVelocity

Definition at line 90 of file RNEMDStats.hpp.

Referenced by processFrame(), and RNEMDRTheta().

◆ density

OutputData* OpenMD::RNEMDRTheta::density

Definition at line 91 of file RNEMDStats.hpp.

◆ fluxVector_

Vector3d OpenMD::RNEMDRTheta::fluxVector_

Definition at line 93 of file RNEMDStats.hpp.

Referenced by getBins(), processFrame(), and RNEMDRTheta().

◆ nAngleBins_

int OpenMD::RNEMDRTheta::nAngleBins_

Definition at line 92 of file RNEMDStats.hpp.

Referenced by getBins(), processFrame(), and RNEMDRTheta().

◆ temperature

OutputData* OpenMD::RNEMDRTheta::temperature

Definition at line 89 of file RNEMDStats.hpp.

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